Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Diaper That I Choose

You might already know there are 2 types of diaper, the one is disposable diaper and the other is cloth diaper. You must take a deeply consideration before decided which one to choose for your baby. Most important thing to consider is the comfort that the diaper gives to the baby. Because the baby’s skin is sensitive, she/he can easily get irritations, the diaper should be able to keep the baby skin dry and free from rash.
Those 2 types of diaper has advantages and disadvantages (Pros and Cons), I searched over the net for this. And here are the facts that I found about the 2 types diapers;
  • Disposable diaper may contain chemical such as dioxin (the most toxic of all cancer linked agents), TBT or Tributyl-tin (a toxic pollutant that can cause hormonal problem in both animal and humans), sodium polyacrylate or you can say “the Gel” (it can gives your baby diaper rash).
  • Disposable diaper is easy to use, it can help parent for changing diaper in a short of time.
  • Disposable diaper is easy to find even in little store on a village
  • Disposable diaper is cost you more budget than cloth diaper.
    “The cost using disposable diaper from birth to potty training is between $2500-3000 but if you using cloth diaper for your baby the cost would vary between $150-1200”
  • Disposable diaper is not environmental friendly ;
    “Disposable diaper generate sixty times more solid waste and use twenty times more raw materials, like crude oil and wood pulp, it represent 4% of solid waste, in a house with a child in diapers, disposable make up 50% of household waste. No one knows how long it take for a disposable diaper to decompose, but it estimate to be about 250-500 years, long after your children, grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren will be gone” (source from RDA )
  • Cloth diaper need an extra learn before you used it
  • Cloth diaper is 100% reusable you can use it through multiple children
  • Cloth diaper is environmental friendly
  • Cloth diaper need an extra job after the baby use it ( you will have to wash it and deal with “poop”)
  • Cloth diaper seems to be more comfortable for the baby.
After a while considering, I choose cloth diaper for my baby because all the advantages that we (the parent) and the baby get. As a parent I want the best for my child but the facts showed that disposable diaper may not full fill my goal of caring my baby naturally.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Howdy! first time father. I guess you are in a very good feeling right now as became "The New Parent". Excited and Happy, it's all mix up. That the way a new parent should feel. That positive expression is something that you have to maintenance, because you journey as a father is a long road. You have to learn how to caring your baby in a good and decent way till he/she grows up. I'm sure that you already study that subject along time ago when your child still in his/her mother womb. But doing what you have learned is another daunting task.

I know that you've study about changing diaper, but doing it in a real thing sometimes peeved. How about calm him/her down when he/she is crying, do you understand what that crying means? really confusing even sometimes annoying... Uuuh. Just calm down Sir,I've been there before. That's why i want to give some Tips about being a first time father.

  • Don't forget about your wife

After passed through a fatiguing birth process, your wife need stamina recovery. She is exhausted and need some support from her love one. Accompanying her! Hug and kiss are something that she needs. Make her laugh, teas her or make up a story and tell her how proud you are having her as your wife.
I assume you have a question why do you have to cheers her up ? that because after birthed, Moms have both physically and mentally change that changed some hormones and it can bring your wife to postpartum distress or some called it baby blues syndrome. Although the situation is temporary but if she is not supported and being left by you, the stress might be increased into an illness that you don't want to know. Crying for no reason, irritability, anxiety, low self-esteem and impatience are the symptoms of postpartum distress or baby blues syndrome. You have to pay attention about those symptoms if you see one or more symptoms on your wife behavior.
So your happiness for became a first time father don't make you lose your attention and support for your wife.

  • Stay cool and Be confident

I know helped for caring your baby and supported your wife at the same time is confusing but if you being confident and calm down doing it, all the obligation as a new father seem like doing an elementary school homework. :p

  • Don't Be a childish

You are a father now, whining about changing diaper... Ooh come on Dad Grow Up.

  • It's not recorded, it's Live Show

Dad.. Everything that you learn about how to caring and raise a child is about to be tested in real Live Show. If you make a mistake doing it, you cannot undo. Learn and evaluate from your mistake and DON'T DO THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN.

  • It takes two to make Love

Don't play xbox 360 while your wife changing your baby diaper. Support her even you only help bringing your baby diaper.

Well Dad, that all the Tips that i can give, based of my experience being a first time father. I hope the Tips useful to you. See Ya...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


A few months before our baby was born, my wife and I agreed to breastfeed our newborn baby exclusively, since we know that breast milk is the best food for babies and it has additional advantages for moms too. So my wife has prepare the “milk factory” (breast) since 7th month of pregnancy, she went to breastfeeding clinic and group to adding some information and practical advices about how to prepared herself for 6 months exclusive breastfeeding, and how to nursing properly. Although breastfeed come in naturally but it’s requires practices and skill for both moms and the baby. After she has enough knowledge, she transferred the knowledge to me, so I can understand how important breast feed is. I supported my wife with all that I can give her (exclude breastfeed of course, I wonder if men can breastfeed babies…ouch).

What is Exclusive Breastfeeding?

The exclusive breastfeeding is that baby feed only by breast milk not add with any kind of food, food supplement or even water. Breast milk has the entire nutritional ingredient that baby needs, it has complete composition which can be changed and adjusted by itself in every step of the baby grow and development. That why it’s called exclusive breastfeeding.
The Expert consultation on the optimal duration of exclusive breastfeeding state that If babies breastfeed exclusively over 6 months, the baby has higher protective effect from illness infection rather than babies who only has 4 -6 months exclusive breastfeed. That quote is encouraging us more to do the 6 months exclusive breastfeeding for our baby.

What is the benefit of breast milk anyway?

  1. The Benefit of Breastfeeding For Baby

    One of the major benefits of the breast milk is colostrums. Colostrums is the first milk that come up from your breast, it’s creamy, a little bit yellow in the color, but it has antibodies that protected your baby from illness, before the baby can developed its immune system. Some said that colostrums is the first immunization, because it has more benefit of a medicine rather than the benefit of food and/or drink. The colostrums come up in 0-7 days after birthing but the quantity is not much, it only 30 ml averages in 24 hours. Although the quantity is low, but the benefit of the colostrums is incredible, One drop of the colostrums has I million antibodies which are ready for the duty as defender from any kinds of intruder such as germ, bacteria and virus.
    Another benefit of breastfeeding is mom and baby bonding. The baby who has exclusive breastfeeding is always feeling safe and comfortable because the baby always on the hands of his/her mother. The bonding between mom and the baby became tighter, from that the baby learns to trust to someone and him/herself and in the end you can expect the baby became a caring person.There are some scientific researches proof that children who had 6 months exclusive breastfeeding, has higher IQ (intelligent quotient), EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ (Spiritual quotient) compared to children who didn’t have breastfeeding.
  2. The Benefit of Breastfeeding For Mom

    There are some benefit for moms that do the 6 months exclusive breastfeeding, such as; increasing the hormone that help reduce the bleeding after birthing because the womb immediately wane if the mother is breastfeeding her baby. Other benefit are reduced risk of breast cancer and ovaries cancer, help reduced weight after birth, reduced risk of osteoporosis, and a natural contraceptive because breastfeeding can slower the return of menses.

The information about breastfeeding that I have from my wife, strengthen my desire for caring my baby in natural way, because I know for sure that natural baby care has huge benefit both for the baby and the mother. For now on I will always looking for natural way of caring my baby first before I’m implementing any other way.


Although babies cannot talk like adults, but babies can revealed their basic things that they need such as hungry, bored, tired, lonely and in pain, even for infants aged 6 months able to manipulate up their weeping to attract the attention of the parents when he/she is being leave.
So as parents we must know the meaning of the babies weeping, because it can help parents to understand their wants and needs. The harder and the longer of the weeping mean that the stronger of the baby needs.
From what I learned and my experience in caring baby, I know the meaning of the baby weeping. Some of the meanings and types of weeping that is:
  1. "Mama I am hungry weeping"
    This kind of weeping have a pattern such as: crying then stopped for breathing, crying again, and again stopped for breathing. Crying like this is usually accompanied by movements such as mouth suck. When the baby feels very hungry, usually the weeping will increasingly hard and continuously.
  2. "Mama I am bored weeping"
    When your baby is boring the crying will be short, followed by silence, then a short cry again. Howl like that will continue if you do not immediately approach.
  3. "Mama I am tired Weeping"
    After playing for a while, your baby may be tired. Because he/she can’t speak yet, then usually he/she will be mourning and it accompanied by the movement of scrubbing the face and rotates his/her head from one side to the other side.
  4. "Mama I am lonely weeping"
    Usually this kind of weeping is a whine every minute and it followed by tears.
  5. "Mama I'm uncomfortable weeping”
    A howl weeping form and hear clearly, sometimes the breath sound a bit choked up but then become more quickly, followed by the other weeping.
  6. "Mama I'm in pain weeping”
    Shrill, loud and accompanied by sadness as well as adults are feeling sick. If the baby feels her/his stomach is sick, the weeping will be more strident and more loud, when this happens flee contact your pediatrician.
In fact there are many kinds of ways babies communicate from the hand movement, foot, head or tongue, which I will discuss another time. Understanding how is babies communicated sometime confusing but let time guided you. You will learn how then you will understand what your baby needs and wants. However the obligation of parents is to find out what your baby need and want, so that your baby can grow and develop in the right guidance from parents.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


After a great experience in the hospital, delivering your baby, now is time for you and your baby go home. This is might be a confusing moment for you, since you have no experience how to take good care of a newborn baby. Even if you have already seeking some information about how to taking care of your newborn but doing it is another thing. You have to learn and doing it at the same time.

I have some tips for first time parents which took from the experience that I have, maybe it can help you to feel confident enough caring your newborn baby.

Don't shy to ask for help

While in the hospital, you should ask the expertise so many question and help regarding to caring your baby in the right way. They can show you how to hold, burp, feeding and nursing according to medical and science proof.
For in home help, you have to consider asking for help from friends and family who have experience caring a newborn baby, after all they have done it before so you have step by step guide about how to take care of your newborn such as how to handle/carry your newborn baby, how to feeding or nursing, how to change newborn diaper, how to understand baby cry and so on. Although sometime their way to help you is different from the literature that you have read. You don't have to argued about their experience because sometimes there is a slice different between caring newborn traditionally which pass from our ancestor and caring newborn baby in modern way which you have read from the magazine and internet.

Handling her/him with gentle and tender

There are a few things to know about handling your newborn baby:
  1. A newborn's head and neck is fragile, you should cradled the head when you are carrying, support the head when you are taking the baby upright or when you're laying the baby to the bed.
  2. Remember that almost all your newborn baby organs are still developed, so some of them are not ready for some rough activity. I'm warning you not to jiggled on the knee or thrown in the air like you did to your nephew. Rough activity like that can cause bleeding in the brain and it can be end with disablement or even death. Therefore you should be careful when you take the baby on the car, just make sure that your baby has had securely fastened into the baby car seat, in order to limited the activity that would be too bouncy or shaky.

Time will bring you a nice experience ahead, so don’t worry too much about your first time parent skill. Just take your time learn and doing your first day doing it. You’ll pass the phase with an overwhelming knowledge.